Imported German Alpine Butter 250g .

Imported German Alpine Butter 250g.


About the Product
  • HIGHEST, MULTIPLE AWARD-WINNING QUALITY: MEGGLE ALPINE BUTTER, Made from Grass and Grass-Hay Fed Cow's Milk Hormone Free Milk from Cows not treated with rBST
  • Butter is one of the purest foodstuffs there are. And when butter is served at the table in as fresh and natural a form as MEGGLE Alpine Butter, then every slice spread is a special pleasure.
  • For a 250 g block of MEGGLE Alpine Butter, we use a full six litres of milk. A difference you can taste – and which also won a gold medal from the German Agricultural Society (DLG).
Imported German Alpine Butter 250g
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  • Item #: EP-WG-040-1
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