Because of Greece's less-than-fertile terrain, most of its cheeses are made from sheep's milk. Feta is, of course, the best-known Greek cheese, but fresh sheep's milk cheeses are common as well. One of the most common of these ricotta-style cheeses is Myzithra. It has a much more interesting flavor and texture than most of the ricotta available in this country. The flavor is rather nutty, and the texture is cottony and drier than ricotta. This cheese works wonderfully in cooking, especially blended into pasta dishes. Our version of Myzithra is actually the pressed and dried version. It is similar to an Italian ricotta salata and is a popular grating cheese in Greece. The cheese is quite crumbly and salty, so a little bit can add a lot of flavor to your dishes.

  • Made from pasteurized sheep's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 2.5 lb. form of cheese.
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