Original Franks. Hippey's (Frankfurters or Hot Dogs) 16 oz.

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Deliciously juicy and bursting with rich, savory flavor, Denver Meats Hippey's 6/1 retail original franks are an American classic. Each frank is made with 100% real, natural beef and pork, seasoned with salt and paprika for the perfect, well-balanced taste. It offers great versatility for the menu, pairing beautifully with a wide range of condiments and other ingredients. Serve it wrapped in dough for dipping, chopped and baked into a cheesy pan of pasta, or on a tried-and-true potato roll with ketchup and mustard, chili, or sauerkraut. For a great textural contrast, pair the frank with a side of chips or fries, or offer a healthier alternative with slaw or beans. However it's assembled, this Hippey's frank is a great menu addition to countless venues, from sporting arenas and food trucks to schools and diners. And, since all franks are precooked, they merely require heating prior to service. Choose between grilling, boiling, or steaming, making sure that the meat's internal temperature remains at 140 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. These particular franks are formed to a convenient 6/1 size, meaning that they're approximately 2.7 oz. for great, protein-packed portions. Denver Meats had a small beginning in Willow Street, Pennsylvania in 1939 where they began producing meats for local market stands. They diligently worked to make the best products to meet the high demands of their customers. Founder Samuel W. Hippey then created the ring bologna which became so popular many other meat companies have since copied their products, but none are like the original at Denver Meats. Now, Denver Meats remains a family run business focused on serving the best high quality products to retail stores, grocery stores, and farmers markets.

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